Accident Reporting and Investigation

All accidents and incidents, no matter how small whether there is an injury or not, shall be reported and investigated in accordance with WCB regulations.

Reporting shall be as set out in Employee Responsibilities and Supervisor Responsibilities.

The Supervisor shall, in every case, complete the appropriate sections of the Accident Investigation Report: in duplicate, retaining a copy for his own use and forwarding a copy to the Operations Manager.

The Supervisor shall also ensure that, when required, the WCB Accident Report (form 7) is filled out.

The Project Manager shall ensure that, when required, notification is given to the Ministry of Labor, and that the necessary WCB reports are filed.

Each occurrence requiring first aid shall be recorded on the First Aid Log.  This record shall be kept as part of the first aid kit.  A Workers Compensation Accident Report should also be filled out even if there is no lost time.

Follow up by management and supervision on the rehabilitation of an injured worker and/or correction of an unsafe condition is an important part of our program.