General Accident Prevention

In the construction industry, there are certain hazards that are common to most job sites.  Being conscious and aware of hazards at all times will greatly increase your chances of preventing accidents to yourself and your fellow workers.  Stated below are some of the hazards common to most job sites:

  • Falls – maintain guardrails and/or use safety belts
  • Cave-ins – do not enter until properly shored or sloped
  • Electrocution – be aware of electrical hazards
  • Back injuries – know your limits
  • Eye injuries – use safety glasses
  • Cuts – nails (be aware)
  • Tripping or slipping – remove the hazard
  • Fires – ensure you know the location of fire extinguisher
  • Moving machinery – trucks, cranes, heavy equipment
  • Ladders & Scaffolding – proper use and erection
  • Noise – use hearing protection when necessary
  • Chemicals – WHMIS training
  • Falling objects – toe boards, warning signs

What to know and look for at your job site:


  • Where is the first aid kit located?
  • Where is the eye wash station located?
  • Where are the fire extinguishers located?
  • Who is your safety representative?
  • What is the procedure to follow in case of injury or accident?
  • Watch for and adhere to all signs and posters concerned with hazards and safety.
  • Report any and all hazards and safety concerns to your safety representative or supervisor.
  • Report any use of the fire extinguisher, first aid kit, eye wash station to your safety representative or supervisor.
  • Be sure you are fully knowledgeable in the use of the power tools, explosive actuated tools, and equipment prior to use.
  • If in doubt about anything; ask before proceeding.