In All Cases of Injury


The employer shall:


  • Make sure that first aid is given immediately, in accordance with the regulations.
  • Record the first aid treatment or advice given to the worker.
  • Complete and give to the worker a treatment memorandum is health care is needed.
  • Provide immediate transportation to a hospital, a doctor’s office, or the worker’s home if necessary.
  • Submit to the WCB, within 3 days of learning of an accident, an Employer’s Report of Accidental Injury/Industrial Disease (form 7) and any other information that may be requested.

The worker shall:


  • Promptly obtain first aid.
  • Notify the employer immediately of any injury requiring health care* and obtain from the employer a completed Treatment Memorandum to take to the doctor of the hospital.
  • Choose a doctor or other qualified practitioner, with the understanding that a change of doctor cannot be made without permission of the WCB.
  • Complete and promptly return all report forms received from the WCB.

* Health care includes medical, surgical, optometrical, and dental aid; the services of osteopaths, chiropractors, and chiropodists; hospital and skilled nursing care; and the provision and maintenance of artificial members and appliances made necessary as a result of the injury.

In an emergency, a doctor or a hospital staff member may notify the WCB of an employee’s injury.