Registered Subcontractor


Assignment of Responsibility and Accountability for Safety

It is the responsibility of every subcontractor employed on Wall FX Ltd. work sites to familiarize themselves with the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations as they apply to them and their workers.  It is the responsibility of the subcontractor to supervise their workers in a manner which ensures compliance with good, safe practices. 

It is also the responsibility of every subcontractor contracted by Wall FX Ltd. to familiarize themselves with the contents of Wall FX Ltd. Health and Safety Program and to ensure that their supervisors and workers are familiar with the contents and requirements of the Health and Safety Program.  Subcontractors are responsible for the compliance with all company rules and legislated regulations. 

Subcontractor responsibility will include, but is not limited to the following:


  • Proof of registration and current good standing with the WCB
  • Participate in pre-contract safety meetings and workplace safety orientation programs for Subcontractors
  • Ensure all their employees have WHMIS training and professional certifications (if required)
  • Conduct weekly tool box meetings and provide documentation to Wall FX Ltd.
  • Provide all required personal protective equipment and safety devices for their employees
  • Provide site specific safe work protective equipment and emergency procedures as required
  • Provide proper labeling and MSDS for all controlled products that they bring to the workplace and provide copies to the Supervisor/Foreman or safety professional
  • Conduct incident investigation for any situation involving their employees and submit a copy of their investigation and recommendations to Wall FX Ltd.
  • Notify Wall FX Ltd. of any special hazardous procedures and ensure the work area is conducted off  to prevent incidental exposure to those hazards
  • Set a good example by conforming to the Health and Safety Program


Subcontractor Failure to Comply

All agreements with subcontractors contain a penalty clause which serves as notice of the actions to be taken in the event that the subcontractor or their employees fail to comply with all company health and safety rules or WCB regulations. 

Any costs or penalties associated with noncompliance shall be deducted from scheduled payments and failure to resolve this situation could result in the termination of the contract.