Supervisor/Foreman Assignment of Responsibility and Accountability for Safety

The supervisor/foreman is the person responsible to move the application of the program from the office to the field.  In some cases, this will be done by the project manager of other designated person but the responsibilities will be the same.  This person shall ensure that safety procedures are applied in an effective manner and that all employees are conforming to the established rules and regulations. 

The supervisor is responsible for ensuring the effective application of safety policies and procedures in the workplace, promoting safety awareness in the employees, and demonstrating through day-to-day attitudes and actions, that safe work performance is top priority. 

Supervisor responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Act as health and safety representative on behalf of Wall FX Ltd.
  • Promote safety awareness
  • Establish safe work procedures
  • Provide new employees and subcontractors with a safety orientation
  • Instruct employees about safety
  • Correct unsafe practices and conditions
  • Detect troubled employees
  • Enforce safety rules
  • Inspect work sites for hazards and complete hazard assessments
  • Investigate all accidents and incident reports
  • Review all reports and ensure the required corrective action is taken
  • Ensure proper maintenance of equipment
  • Conduct regular tool box and site safety meetings
  • Document injuries and report to management
  • Monitor, enforce, and comply with health and safety rules and legislation
  • Set a good example by conforming to the Health and Safety Program